Sometimes the most special gift is a personalized one.

Rag Dolls

When your special little child wants a rag doll or plush animal, check our personalized items. We can add any name to any of the 10 styles of rag dolls or 5 different plush animals. It means more when its personalized!


Baby Gifts

Do you know someone that's having a baby? What is more special than a personalized plush animal or a snuggly blanket?

snuggle blanket

Afghans & Throws

Remember the special people or events in your life. Get an embroidered afghan or a picture throw. Warm up with the people you love, or decorate your room or wall with their picture. An embroidered afghan makes a great special occasion remembrance.

picture throw

Photo Sculptures

Remember that soccer team or softball team that your child was on when they were 10 years old? Memorialize your dog or old house with a cutout photo sculpture. Includes a sturdy base and heavy duty backing. A Photo Sculpture makes a lasting memory come alive!

photo sculptures

I am a busy Grandma but still love doing the dolls! I personalize the rag dolls to make them extra special for you or as gifts for your loved ones. Read more about Faye >>